09 June 2016 Το περιοδικό

Shedia tips for the INSP Global Summit delegates

Favourite drinking holes (Central Athens and a bit of the surrounding areas) 
1. The backyard of “Six Dogs” bar in central Athens (Avramiotou Street)
2. "Τaf" in Syntagma (5 Normanou and Ermou Street)
3. "7jokers" in Syntagma (Voulis and Kolokontroni Streets)
4. The café in National Gardens in Syntagma
In the area of Agia Irini Square – Monastiraki, a place full of cafe-bars and restaurants:
1. “Tailor made”, housed in the 1st hotel of Athens (St. Irini Square 2), for coffee. In the old days the name of the square was “Flowers Square”  because it was the central flower market of Athens. By the way you can also visit the church of Saint Irini and admire the beautiful frescoes – hagiographies
2. “Magkaze”, cafe-bar in the sidewalk (Aiolou 33), with a variety of cold dishes.
3. “Handle bar” in Psyrri (Melanthiou 8) for drink and good food. The patrons there circulate mostly with bicycles. It plays English punk.
In the area of Syntagma – Mitropoleos: 
1. “Heteroclito”, wine bar across the Mitropoli Church (Petraki 30). It reminds of French bistro  with very nice labels from all over Greece and  very good prices
2. “Blu bird”, cafe - bar in Syntagma (Ipitou 4)
In the area of Koukaki, a very vivid place near your hotel:
“Bel Ray” for coffee, food and drink from morning till late at night. It was a former shop - delegation of Bel-Ray lubricants car
For coffee - drink - food:
1. “Trigono” in Pagrati
2. “Café Varnava” in Varnava Square
3. “Kampethon” in Keramikos 
For drinks
1. “Skippers” (where last night’s party is held!)
2. “Podilato” in Exarchia
3. “Booze” in central Athens (Kolokotroni street, close to Syntagma Square)
4. “Bar Tessera” in central Athens (Kolokotroni street, close to Syntagma Square) 
1. “Serbetia” in Psyrri 
2. “The Garden of Megaro Mousikis” in Megaro Mousikis
3. “Tiki” in Koukaki (close to Syggrou-Fix metro station)  
1. ‘Potami” in Koukaki (Av. Syggrou 122 and G. Olympiou 27-29)
2. “Krikos” in Koukaki (Gennaiou Kolokotroni 49)
3. “Kampethon” In Kerameikos (Kerameikou 110)
4. Aliko in Psyrri (Ag. Dimitriou 16), with live musik
1. “67 Bar” in Exarchia (Emmanouil Benaki Str.). Great kids, amazing prices, nice environment, fans of shedia
2. “Loukoumi” in Monastiraki, with a terrace overlooking the Acropolis
Favourites tavern/restaurant (Central Athens and a bit of the surrounding areas)
1. “Ramba” in Psychico
2. “Katsourbos” in Pagrati (Proskopon Square)
3. “Akordeon” in Psyrri, with live musik
In the area of Agia Irini Square – Monastiraki, a place full of cafe-bars and restaurants: 
“Kostas”, right next to “Tailor made”, for food (open Mon. - Fr., 12:00 - 17:00). There you can 
  eat the best burger. It is usually crowded so you need to have patience
1. “Rakaki” in Kaisariani suburb
2. “Alexandras Oinomageirreio” in Gazi (at the basement)
3. “Salero” in Exarchia
4. “Ama Laxei” in Exarchia
5. “Kapari” in Ano Petralona (Merkouri Square)
1. “The Dirty”, the famous fast food canteen of Mavili 
2. “The Tiniako” in Av. Alexandras 
“Seychelles” greek kitchen, in Metaxourgio (Keramikou 49)
1. “Seychelles” in Metaxourgio (Keramikou 49) 
2. “Oxo Nou” in Exarchia 
3. “Tseligas” in Exarchia for lunch 
Favourite beaches (around Athens but not only)
Erotospilia beach, Porto Rafti
KAPE beach, Legrena, (just before Sounio)
1. Thymari beach
2. Legrena beach
1. Thymari beach, Sounio
2. Limanakia beach, Vouliagmeni
3. Kavouri 
1. KAPE beach, Legrena
2. Dikastika beach, Marathonas 
3. Sesi beach, Grammatiko 
1. Karathonas beach, Nafplio
2. Avlemonas beach, Kythera island
3. Myrtos beach, Cephalonia island
4. Fiskardo beach, Cephalonia island (unbelievable feeling, resting under the shade of decades old olive trees)
Favourite island / holiday spots
1. Hydra island
2. Spetses island 
3. Sifnos island 
4. Crete island, Hania, Samaria Canyon
1. Amorgos island
2. Nisyros island
3. Chalki island
4. Hydra island (closer to Athens/Pireaus)
5. Messinia, in the Peloponnese
1. Amorgos island
2. Serifos island
3. Lesvos island
4. Alonissos island
5. Ikaria island
1. Kythnos island
2. Tzia island
3. Andros island
4. Paxoi island
1. Samos island 
2. Pelio, ideal combination of mountain and sea lives
3. Halkidiki
1. Agistri
2. Evia (Chiliadou and Rovies)
3. Samothraki
4. Ikaria
1. Kythira island
2. Fournoi island
3. Nafplio
4. Parga
Hidden Cultural treasures
1. Byzantine and Christian Museum
2. Doukissis Plakentias, next to the Polemic Museum in Vasilissis Sofias Str. 
The area of Keramikos
Thisio – Dionysiou Aeropagitou – Plaka
1. Ancient Agora
2. Museum of the City of Athens (
Favourite walks
Sygrou Park
1. Mount Olympus 
2. Zagoroxoria (Boidomatis river, Drakolimni lake, Tzoumerka)
3. Pylio - Sporades
Diakofto – Kalabryta
1. Mount Olympus, Litochoro – Monastery of Ag. Dionysiou, Prionia refuge etc.
2. Mainalos Path
3. Mpafi refuge, Attiki (closer to Athens)
4. Parnitha, Attiki (closer to Athens)
5. Barympopi, Attiki (closer to Athens)
6. Meteora
7. Diakofto – Kalabryta
8. Xirokampi – Taygetos in combination with Diros cave
9. Delfoi – Amfissa – Itea
1. Kaisariani Monastery - Kalopoula (Kaisariani Forest) and Skopeutirio (Athens area)
2. Penteli – Dionissos mountain, Attiki (close to Athens)
3. Karathonas – Nafplio (arguably the best walk in the world!)
4. Parnitha, Attiki (close to Athens)
5. Ardittos Park,  behind Panathenaic Stadium (, ideal for jogging in central Athens)
*Emilia was too busy organizing the Summit to contribute!

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