The Great Insight Project
How is life for a German national and working mother of two who decided to call Greece home? What is nightlife really like in Athens and how much does an Athenian bartender make a day? Is it enough to make a decent living? What does a famous Greek actor think of the post-covid 19 era? What are his dreams and fears? And what about an official tour guide? How is life in the era of no tourists/visitors? Where does a young primary school teacher hang out after work? What is the favorite destination of the head of a well-known environmental NGO, who also happens to live smack bang in the city center? How is life for a wheelchair user in the Greek capital? Is Athens an accessible city? How does a member of the LGBTQ+ answer the question if Greece is an open society for gays and lesbians?
Photographer: Yannis Zindrilis
If you really wish to delve deep into the Athenian way of life, Shedia street paper gives you the chance to meet up with a local, an everyday person for a face-to-face chat, a coffee, an exchange, away from the adrenaline-pumping over-touristy environment that filters -and sometimes even distorts- reality.
Shedia street paper has brought together a number of great everyday Athenians who are very keen to share, answer your questions and of course would love to have their questions answered about your part of the world, the place you call home. They will even take you for a walk to their favorite part of the city, walk with you through their neighborhood and take you on an Athenian family supermarket shopping expedition, if you so desire.
The (first) meeting will take place in the café-bar-restaurant “Shedia home”, just a stone’s throw away from the Acropolis, in the city’s historic precinct, in the discreet presence of one of our team members, who has been assigned with the task to welcome you and make all the introductions. He/she will witness the exchange and be with you, only if all parties agree, for as long as it is required.
So if you really want to catch up with a local, all you have to do is look through the list of people desiring an exchange, and send us an email with your selection along with a preferred date and time for the meeting. We will get back to you within 24 hours.