Antigoni Karnesioti, Inclusion Specialist  & Researcher 
Antigoni was born in Athens, Greece and has been a lover of the city ever since. She is a specialist in inclusion when it comes to learning differences and a psychopedagogy professional. She is an advocate for human rights and speaks out against racism, bullying and discrimination the first chance she gets. In her free time she roams around the city and supports people in need. She has been involved in streetwork several years now and through her work hopes to spread awareness on what people that live in the streets of Athens experience these days.
Katrin Kretschmer, Coordinator of "Shediart" Social & Environmental Project
"My name is Katrin and I came from the beautiful Baltic sea to live with my Greek-Australian husband and two children in Athens. In the beginning many things surprised me here and some still do: During times of huge crises the outbreak of creativity and solidarity in Athens is overwhelming. Like if there’s nothing you can lose, you can live your dreams! That’s what we also do. We live in the city center and do our best to find creative solutions for social and environmental challenges. No matter how much trouble there might be, Athens shows me resistant human and urban warmth."
Constantinos Machairas, a resident of the historical center
Constantinos has spent the better part of the last ten years as an active member of local Civil Society. Between 2015 and 2021 he was the Executive Director of "Organization Earth" a Greek non profit association that designs "Connecting-to-Nature" citizen engagement projects that address societal inequalities and combat climate crisis, with a focus on learning activities for children living in urban centers. He is a member of the Board of Directors at "ActionAid Hellas" , at NGO "Margarita" whose mission is to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and he was recently elected to represent civil society on the inaugural Council of "UN Global Compact Greece". Since 2016, Constantinos has been serving as the President of the Hellenic Platform for Development, the coalition of Greek developmental civil society organizations.
Vivialena Martini, Digital Communicator of Shedia 
"As far as I can remember myself, traveling was a common habit in my family. Therefore, I have been in many places from an early age and I haven’t stopped exploring new places and cultures. This circumstance boosted my interest in the multicultural field and tourism industry.Through this journey Ι had the chance to meet a wide cultural range of people."
Panagiotis Pitsiniagkas, SKEP's Motivational Speaker
Panagiotis lives with Valia and Baya, loves travel, concerts, and ice cream while he dislikes broccoli and stereotypes. He works at SKEP. - Social Responsibility Association for Children and Youth and the main part of his work is to visit schools every day in order to help students accept diversity, first their own and then others. Panagiotis gives his best shot to make our world more inclusive, such as supporting Shedia Home to become more accessible to people with disabilities.