Lambros, tour guide of Invisible Tours
“When I was in the street, I experienced ultimate loneliness. I had no one to listen to me, to believe in me. To give me the push to reopen my mind. But, I entered the hostel and after six months I joined the theater group, then “Shedia” followed... it seems excessive, but it is as if I were given back the keys of my house. I am still homeless, but I do not feel second-class citizen, as the first few months I walked into the hostel. I'm clean, I take care of myself, I make my dreams to find a job, to open my doors. 
I believe that many people that will follow the tours have not walked on this part of the city, just out of fear. The fact that they feel safe because of our presence, is itself a great personal satisfaction. I have experienced what I have experienced. Especially the time I was living in the streets. I have fear for nothing any more”.
Maria, tour guide of Invisible Tours
“Having contact with the people is the greatest gift. I have become much more social. I was always a shy person. Today, I have gained a little more courage. It helps me to hear so good reviews. It encourages me to go ahead and try harder. I'm optimistic.
The "Invisible Tours" helped me to gain self-confidence to stand in front of people, to look at them in the eyes and speak for my life. At first I thought I could not make it. But now I see that every day I smile more and become better. Not only in the tours but also as a person”.